Enjoy An Art Trail in Panzano This Summer

This summer, visitors to the town of Panzano, in the Chianti area of Tuscany, can meander along an art trail that leads to four wineries. French sculptor Nathalie Decoster has created more than 30 giant sculptures and three large-format photos for the trail, juxtaposing the modern pieces against nature. The trail starts in the center of Panzano and visits the Fontodi, Renzo Marinai, Tenuta Casenuove and La Massa wineries.

The art trail is the first installation of Panzano Arte, a project dreamed up by Panzano native and world-famous butcher Dario Cecchini (we first wrote about Dario in 2004, again in 2010 and he appeared in the Tuscany episode of our TV series.)  His intention is to fill public spaces with art that addresses modern humanism, cultural and spiritual issues, the environment  and human rights. Given these themes, Decoster was a natural fit for Panzano Arte, as her bronze sculptures depict themes like the human condition, the passing of time, wisdom, and serenity. Her pieces will be displayed along the trail until September 18.

“We live in a modern society that is more and more worried about the lack of time. In my work, I endeavour to convey hope and show that during our lifetime we are actually progressing towards wisdom,” Decoster told The Florentine. “There’s a real soul to this place and a sincere authenticity. There is a serenity here and a rare awareness of human values that I find particularly touching and which creates a real connection between Panzano and my work.” — Elaine Murphy