Visit 16 Umbria Museums with One Ticket

Journey through time and Umbria with one single ticket. The “Lands and Museums of Umbria” ticket offers an easy tourist route that guides visitors through 16 museums spread over a dozen towns in the hilly Central Italian region. The participating museums can be found in: Amelia, Bettona, Bevagna, Cannara, Cascia, Deruta, Marsciano, Montefalco, Montone, Spello, Trevi and Umbertide. Each town is as magical as the next and the museums hold treasures of local history, crafts and works of art.

You can opt to purchase specific itineraries that leave from some of the 12 towns and follow specific themes for parts of your journey. Group rates for these added itineraries start at 110€ for half-day tours and 200€ for full-day experience.  From ceramics to textiles, from olive oil making to exploring medieval defense structures, there is an itinerary for everyone.

One circuit called “Ancient Traces of the Town” lasts 5 hours and takes visitors to Bevagna and Spello which boast medieval architecture towering over remnants of their ancient Roman past. If you’d rather let your taste buds be your guide, we recommend checking out the “In the Land of Olive Oil and Good Wine” itinerary which takes you into the hills of Montefalco and Trevi to experience the flavors of Umbria. Follow in the footsteps of famous noble families like the Eroli and Geraldini clans, and take a tour of Amelia and Narni for a peek into Umbria’s influence on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Once your ticket is activated, you have 15 days to experience all the museums on the list. The pace is as slow or as fast as you and your travel companions wish it to be. A full-price ticket runs 7€, children between 6 and 14 pay 2 €, and children under 5 are free.

Be sure to visit the website for Land and Museums of Umbria to check the seasonal hours for the 16 museums accessible with your ticket.

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Photo from Christopher John SSF on Flickr