From The TV Show: Gondolier Lesson in Venice

In the Venice episode of the second season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy enjoyed a uniquely Venetian experience!

While Kathy learned how to row a gondola from 8th-generation gondolier Franco Grossi, he doesn’t give lessons to the public. To cruise the canals on a ride in a private gondola, you can book a ride through your hotel’s concierge or at a gondola stand in Venice. There are official rates but gondoliers often end up charging more. For a fun and cheaper option, consider booking through KiShare, a gondola ride-sharing app that Grossi co-founded. KiShare charges a fixed price of 160 € for a six-person, 60-minute gondola tour, and will match you with other travelers who want to join you and split the cost. For more information, visit

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