From The TV Show: Livio’s Poem in Castelvetere sul Calore

In the Castelvetere sul Calore episode of the second season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy’s cousin, poet Livio Nargi, opens the episode with an excerpt from this poem.

Castelvetere, you are
the glory of beloved poems.
Scenes of enchantment and dreams, divine in the spirit.
You are the precious treasure
of the people,
the magical splendor
upon the mountains,
that dazzles and leads
into mysterious dreams;
that enchants the soul
and purifies the spirit.
And your people in vivid ecstasy huddled in their dwellings
while the soul is rejoicing
and sighing
because you were
beautifully created
nest of love,
Marian spirit.
You enchant my soul.
You are admired.
You will be loved forever!
Livio Nargi

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