From The TV Show: Bread Stamps in Basilicata

In the Basilicata episode of the second season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy learns about the ancient tradition of stamping family initials on loaves of bread.

Bread stamps have been used in Basilicata since ancient times. The wooden stamps, carved with initials, were used to distinguish between families’ loaves of bread that they prepared at home and baked in a communal oven. At the workshop of Emanuele Mancini (Via Bruno Buozzi, 87), you can buy your own customized bread stamp. For more information, visit:

The bakery Kathy visited, Pane e Pace (Via Santo Stefano, 37), sells enormous, crusty loaves of bread like the ones the local peasants ate. You can buy the bread, although not with the stamp on your loaf. For more information, visit:

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