From The TV Show: Tortellini-Making Lessons in Bologna

In the Bologna episode of the second season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy learns how to make tortellini, the iconic filled pasta of Bologna.

Legend has it that tortellini, the culinary symbol of Bologna, were created to resemble Venus’ belly button after an innkeeper caught a glimpse of the goddess’ beauty. Sisters Daniela and Monica Venturi of Le Sfogline (whose shop is at Via Belvedere, 7/B) give tortellini-making lessons from Monday through Wednesday in June and July (at another location). In the three-hour lessons (80€), they teach guests how to knead, stretch and cut the dough, as well as how to pair pasta with sauces. The lesson concludes with making ricotta tortelloni and strichetti (bow-tie pasta), and students keep the fresh pasta they make. For more information, visit:

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