May 2018 – People to Meet in Abruzzo, New Hotels in Italy

The Strong & Kind People of Abruzzo
Abruzzo region with a proud pastoral tradition that has seen hardship and poverty due to wars and an isolated geographic position, but whose generous people have emerged with an indomitable spirit of survival and generosity. Meet four of our favorite people: a man who carries the stories of this area, a expert in saffron, an olive farmer and a naturalist.

New Hotels: Flashy to Farmhouse Chic
Part of the Italian experience is where you spend the night and there are some new places to do so: a luxe palazzo on Lake Como, a castle in Puglia, a wine-themed hotel in Rome, a new spot in Florence’s Oltrarno and a chic farmhouse in Tuscany.

Rediscovering The Life of Vittoria Colonna
You probably don’t know her name but you will be captivated by her life: poet, friend of Michelangelo, a Papal power player, woman ahead of her time.

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