When To Travel To Sicily

Allison Scola is the owner and curator of Experience Sicily, a boutique travel company, and shares a few tips on WHEN to go to Sicily:

If you are ambitious and you correctly time your travel to Sicily, you can ski in the morning on Mount Etna and swim in the Ionian Sea in the afternoon–Not every day at the end of February or beginning of March, or the end of October, but some days. And you must really want to take a refreshing dip! Sicily boasts a subtropical climate. Its position in the Mediterranean means that winters are rainy and mild (Temperatures in the 40s through 60s Fahrenheit), while the summers are dry and hot (mid 80s through 100+ degrees Fahrenheit).

As the curator of small-group tours and creative custom itineraries, we receive requests for travel to Sicily throughout the year. Preferred times to tour Sicily are during Easter week (which changes each year, check dates) because of the fascinating display of faith that is presented throughout the island, and April through June and then, September through October. Sicilians will tell you October is their favorite time of year; however, the rainy season could start early, impeding your touring. Our clients who traveled during October this year said they had fantastic weather for attending the annual harvest and food sagras.

I discourage our clients from travelling in Sicily from mid-July through the end of August, unless they’ll be in the mountains or at the sea, where it’s cooler. It’s hot, dry, and the tourist areas are crowded. August is high season for travel in Italy, and the prices for accommodations soar. My personal favorite time to tour Sicily is the end of May, when temperatures are warming up, flowers are in bloom, and live, ancient theater is in season in Siracusa. Buon viaggio! – Allison Scola

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