August 2017 – Local Florence, Venice Palazzi, Naples Fertility Chair

Florence: Live It Local Across The River
Cross the Arno in Florence to the Oltrarno where real Florentines live and work among artisans and high art. Get the local flavor staying in a 14th-century Renaissance apartment in Santo Spirito or hip, mid-century modern digs in the “little village” of San Niccolo. Take in sunsets, tower views and rose gardens. Meet a Florentine who can’t wait to share his city with you.

Cheat Sheet: Santo Spirito
This is one of the three neighborhoods in the district of the same name and will tell you where to stay and eat and what to see and do. Take a class in metal making. Buy hip, modern jewelry. Dine on classic Bistecca Fiorentina and unique lamprodetto meatballs.

Cheat Sheet: San Niccolo
Learn where to stay and eat and what to see and do in this delightfully authentic neighborhood in the Santo Spirito district. Buy bespoke shoes or stay awhile and learn how to make them. Dig into Florentine street food or get dressed up for a night at Michelin-starred restaurant. 

Fashion and Fancy at Venetian Palazzi
Entering a Venetian palazzo is like stepping back in time. Even more so when that palazzo is now a museum. Your imagination takes flight, inspired by creations of passionate artists and artisans whose passions bring the city’s history to life. Read about our two favorites.

The Fertility Chair: Morning Miracles in Naples
Hidden in the Spanish quarter of Naples is a small shrine with a very special chair. Every morning, pilgrims from all over the world come to sit in this chair which can miraculously cure infertility.


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