October 2016 – Sicily Vineyards, Spooky Folklore, Dining With Locals

Exploring the Vineyards of Noto Sicily
Sea breezes, limestone soil, Nero d’Avola grapes and Sicilian hospitality are some of the elements that combine to make the wineries around Noto in southeastern Sicily must-visits. Stay for a wine tasting or enjoy several nights in your very own vineyard casa.

Italy’s Spooky Folklore Figures
In time for Halloween, meet the magical and mystical figures who have figured prominently in local folklore: La Befana, Aradia, Donne di Fuora, the Seven-Headed Dragon, Badalisc and the Wolf of Gubbio.

Dining With Italian Home Cooks
The “sharing economy” has extended to meals and culinary experiences. What all started with Home Food now extends to new websites matching you with local Italians to host you for a meal, a cooking lesson or a culinary event.

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