September 2016 – Calabria, Abruzzo, Night Before Your Flight Home

Exploring Calabria Through Its Unique Foods
Conquered, reconquered and conquered again by everyone from the Greeks to the French, Calabria is full of layers and nowhere can this be seen more than in the food. Michelle Fabio takes us on a food tour of Calabria featuring peppers, swordfish and maybe the best gelato you have ever had.

And The One Drink You Should Have in Calabria
Italians love the topic of digestion and liqueurs play an important role in this. In Calabria, you’ll find one of the finest contributions to Italian liqueurs…Amaro.

Where to Stay The Night Before Your Flight Home
Want to avoid an airport hotel room and a touristy meal? We have recommendations for local places to stay and have a great final night (complete with a delectable last dinner) in Italy if you’re flying out of Rome, Milan or Venice.

Arrostocini on The Range
This beautiful corner of Abruzzo was the setting for many “spaghetti westerns” and is now drawing visitors for its natural beauty and a delicious local restaurant that takes advantage of the sublime setting.

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