From the TV Show: Riva Yachts on Lake Iseo

In the Piedmont and Lake Iseo episode of the first season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy learns about the boat building traditions of the world-famous yachts made right on the shores of Lake Iseo.

Lake Iseo is famous for the exquisite, world-famous yachts that are made right here on its shores. You can learn about Riva Yachts through the two-hour tour, the Riva Yacht Experience. It begins with a 30- minute film on Riva’s history and starring roles in movies (most recently in the 2014 Oscar winner La Grande Bellezze). Then it is on to the factory to see the boats in production and learn even more about the boat building traditions here. The tour ends with a stop at the Plancia (the former office of Carlo Riva) and an exploration of model boats. The tour is available on Saturday and Sunday and costs 30€ per person (with hat). For more information, visit:

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