From The TV Show: Boats in Monopoli in Puglia

In the Puglia episode of the first season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy learns the historic importance of this previously Ottoman ruled town.

Monopoli is one of Puglia’s stunning, fortified cities along the coast. While the seaside castle and fortified walls are now a peaceful place to stroll and explore, they were once battle grounds for invading Ottomans. Monopoli is also a center of fishing and its distinctive blue and red gozzi dot the harbor. Former fisherman Ignazio Amodio now makes delightful, small models of these boats in his tiny workshop on Via Argenzio. He is usually open for business in the morning. (From Largo Portavecchia head towards the city walls and then turn left into the old town. Look for Ignazio’s workshop on the left.)

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