From The TV Show: Mount Vesuvius in Naples and the Amalfi Coast

In the Naples and the Amalfi Coast episode of the first season of Dream of Italy on PBS, Kathy hikes the volcano responsible for the most destructive eruption in history.

Naples is framed by the dramatic curve of the bay and the domed volcano that looms over the city. Vesuvius has played a large role in local history, most famously with its explosion in 79 A.D. that killed 16,000 people in nearby Pompeii. While it is possible to visit Mt. Vesuvius on your own, it is much more meaningful with a guide to explain the extensive history and science here. We took the private VIP Vesuvius Tour with Walks of Italy, which offers a guided a hike to ascend to the highest point in the crater, a walk around the rim and even the chance to descend a bit into the crater. The 2.5-hour experience is 295€ for two people. For more information, visit:

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