April 2016 – Special Report: Taking Kids to Italy, Part I

The Italian Day: A Blueprint for Travel with Kids

When in Italy, do as the Italians day. The way that Italians structure their day is a perfect guide for how to plan your days touring Italy. An expat mom who raised her kids in Italy explains the best times of day to tour and to take a break and the very special Italian experiences you and your kids, or grandkids, shouldn’t miss!

Unique Experiences for Kids in Italy’s Five Major Cities

We reveal more than 30 awesome things to do with kids, from cooking lessons to art classes to family-friendly tours of the major sites, including:

  • Florence: Guided Bike Ride, Vintage Fiat 500 Tour, Pizza and Gelato-Making Lessons, Make Your Own Fresco, Fashion Workshops and More
  • Milan: Marionettes in Action, Design Workshops, Soccer Tour and More
  • Naples: Go Underground, Funicular Fun, Mini-Volcano, Train Museum and More
  • Rome: Sketching Tours, Travel Journal Workshop, Learning from Leonardo DaVinci, Cat Sanctuary, Climbing the Cupola and More
  • Venice: Mask-Making and Glass-Making Lessons, Secret Tour, Beach Day, Row Like A Gondolier and More

 Special Report: Taking Kids to Italy, Part II covers where to stay with kids and unique experiences in the rest of Italy, outside of the five major cities.


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