Learn the Traditional Pizzica Dance in Puglia

Updated 2018. 

At Dream of Italy, we love the southern Italian region of Puglia! So much so that we devoted an entire episode of our PBS travel series to the region. One of our segments was devoted to the pizzica – watch below:

When the Pugliese want to socialize or celebrate, they turn to an age-old traditional dance, the pizzica (similar to the tarantella). We experienced the pizzica firsthand in the main square of the town of Squinzano and then during the olive harvest at nearby Agricola Taurino. Watching and learning to dance the pizzica with locals is one of the most authentic experiences you can have in Puglia. Yltour can arrange for a private performances and dance lessons; cost starts at 230€. For more information, visit www.yltourcongressi.com and www.agricolataurino.it

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