August 2015 – Special Report: Highlights of Sicily

cover-august2015 Five Unique Places to Stay in Sicily
Take to the road in Sicily and experience five very different ways to stay in Sicily and add to your experience through your accommodation in everything from a converted tuna factory to a luxurious golf resort set among the vines.

Portraits of Sicily: Three Natives and Their Stories
At Dream of Italy, we believe the people are the most important part of your travel experience and we profile through unique individuals who shine a light on Sicilian culture: a pastry chef who makes some of the island’s famous sweet confections, a native son who has strengthened his ties to the island and Sicily’s last donkey-cart painter.

Sicily Through Its Symbols
Sicily’s character can be seen in its colorful, storied symbols, each one representing history, culture and resources. We explore everything from the popular trinicaria to Sicily’s famous towers and imposing volcano.

Edible Souvenirs: Bringing Back Sicilia Naturale
Forget the ceramics and wood carvings; the best souvenirs of Sicily are not just edible, but locally grown. Among the food products to bring home: Mount Etna Chestnut Honey, Ash-Tree Sap, Canned Tuna and of course, olive oil – but we have a very special one to recommend.

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