Get The Look: Debbi Stewart Cosmetics Featured on Dream of Italy

What do you do when you’re not really into wearing much makeup but you’re about to film a TV show (and be seen in HDTV no less)? You call Debbi Stewart. Debbi is one of the country’s foremost makeup artists and her products – the result of years of real-life research –  were my secret weapon during  five weeks of filming in Italy. I’m sensitive to chemicals and fragrances but had no reaction to Debbi’s cosmetics. They felt natural, like I wasn’t even wearing makeup,  and whether I was on a boat or out truffle hunting, my makeup lasted and most of all, made me look my best. Here’s a step-by-step guide to my look above on our first day of filming in Naples. If you are fair/blonde, you can get the exact colors I used or look for other colors that Debbi features for every skin/hair color.

Step #1 – Face Primer
Starting with a clean face, apply Debbi Stewart’s Retexturing Face Primer. It mimics a moisturizer without using a real cream, makes the skin soft, fills in the feather cracks. Apply over whole face.

Step #2 – Foundation
Apply foundation. I used Pale Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation. It glides on smoothly and then dries to a silky, powdery finish. It does not come off on collar or clothes. It is water resistant. Excellent for warm weather and humidity. Debbi’s foundation is absolutely amazing – you don’t even feel like you have makeup on – it is so light but effective.

Step #3 – Eyeliner
Use waterproof black or blue eyeliner lining top and bottom of eye.

Step # 4 – Eyeshadow
Using a  five -well shadow palette, blue (one of Debbi’s best products), apply powder over pencil liner, navy. Using your lighter shade of pale blue across the eyelid and white as an underbrow highlighter. Navy or dark blue can be applied in crease for a more dramatic look.

Step #5 – Blush
Debbi’s blushes are available in soft pink, peach, plum rose, frosted brown and nude. They are not featured on her website.  I used soft pink #63 (Call 973-890-5766 to order – retails for $20).

Step #6 – Eyebrow Definer
Brenda Christian eyebrow definer is Debbi’s tool  to enhance and create a fuller brow for light blonde, medium blondes and dark blondes.

Step #7 – Mascara
Make your eyelashes stand out with four coats of mascara. Start with water-resistant Superwear , then apply two coats of Spiderlash  Follow up with one final coat of Superwear. This ensures no bleeding or under- eye smudging throughout the day.

Step #7 – Lip Liner
Start by lining the lips with a liner like this one. (Many other shades not on website but available by phone at 973-890-5766.)

Step #8 – Lipstick
Apply lipstick. This is the lipstick – #691 – featured in the photo.  Pictured #691
Make sure your lipstick stays all day by painting a thin coat of LIP LOCK  – seriously it keeps your lipstick on for hours. It is made with tea tree oil, no alcohol.

Step #9 – Powder
Finish off with a light dusting of Dual Active Mineral Powder.  (I used #41 – Fair.)