Goats Galore in the Dream of Italy Television Series

In our new PBS travel series, we try to provide a broad spectrum of experiences in Italy from pizza making in Naples to truffle hunting in Piedmont, but forgive us for a fascination with goats. They play starring roles in two episodes of the television series.

In the Tuscany episode, we visit Nora Kravis (pictured above) and her Chianti Cashmere Farm, where goats are producing the cashmere that make stunning and posh scarves and blankets.

During the Umbria episode, we meet Diego Calcabrina and his 150 goats who produce delectable goat cheese near Bevagna. You can’t help but be captivated by these beautiful animals — including Rocco, who is the boss around the farm. Watch the video of the segment below:

If you just can’t get enough of goats in Italy, check out this National Geographic photo gallery of goats who scale a near vertical rock face at the Cingino Dam in northern Italy and check out the Goat Berries blog by our friend Michelle Fabio who lives in Calabria.

By Kathy McCabe