March 2015 – The Italian People, Writing Workshops, Cinecitta, Crowdfunding

cover-march2015The Italians: A Fresh Perspective
We interview John Hooper, the author of the new book The Italians, about what makes the Italian people so compelling, especially as they face some of the most trying times in their history.

Restoring Italy Through Crowdfunding
Italy’s artistic treasures are in sore need of restoration and their saviors might just be one individual donation at a time. Learn about how crowdfunding campaigns are changing the ways of artistic patronage.

Enjoying the Writing Life in Italy
Are you a writer, amateur or professional? Fiction or non-fiction? Visit Italy and improve your technique and make valuable connections. We detail six writing workshops, retreats and festivals that will help you improve your craft.

Cinecittà Rolls Out the Red Carpet
Italy’s most famous movie studio is just outside Rome and now offers guided tours (in English too) of movie sets, memorabilia and more. Learn why Rome is called “Hollywood on the Tiber!”

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