February 2015 – Milan Expo, Sulmona, Italian Life Rules

cover-feb15 Expo Milano 2015 Beckons Visitors
This is the big event in Italy this year. The Expo is giving new life to Milan. Not only can you visit the Expo site and explore the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, but there are events and activities around Milan to enjoy. The museums are staying open late and La Scala is putting on performances every night.

Sweet Sulmona: Taste the Good Life in Abruzzo
First-time visitors to this highly overlooked city, located in the center of Abruzzo in central Italy, sense it immediately: there’s something very special about Sulmona. Maybe it’s the architecture — a little medieval, a little renaissance, a little baroque. Maybe it’s the food, which some say is the best in all of Italy. Or maybe, it is the confetti!

Italian Life Rules: Saying Ciao and Kissing
You could write a rule book on everyday Italian etiquette and our friend Ann Reavis did! In this excerpt, she explains why you shouldn’t say Ciao as much as you would like to and walks you through the pitfalls of kissing upon meeting someone.

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