A Sweet Photo Spot in Tuscany

Updated 2019.
A few years back, our friend photographer Brad Mikel wrote an awesome piece (available to all paid subscribers) on how to photograph Italy. He admitted he’s partial to one spot in Tuscany:

OK, time to reveal one of my “secret” locations whenever I’m in Tuscany. It’s not really all that hard to find, but I had to search for it. I had seen a photograph of this little farm and chapel in a book, and had to add it to my collection. I researched, found the general location and drove around until I found it.  That was 12 years ago, and I’ve returned every time I’ve gone to Italy, and find that it photographs differently each time.

Capella di Vitaleta is located on SS146 west of Pienza and close to San Quirico D’Orcia. The light is best later in the day, and even after twilight, beautiful images  can be made. Nearby, the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, south of Montalcino, is another area I return to often. The stone walls and floors echo the beautiful voices of the monks as they sing their prayers in Gregorian chant.