March 2014 – Valpolicella Vineyards, Rome Food Tour, Italian Food Rules

cover-march2014 The Italian Food Rules
In Italy they love making rules . . . and they obey very few . . . except when it comes to food. The Italian Food Rules may as well be carved in marble. They will not change and you violate them at your peril. Here are three of them:

Vineyards of the Valpolicella
There’s a valley that lies to the north of the city of Verona, separated from the shores of Lake Garda by a mountain. Called the Valpolicella, the name of this area is thought to derive from a Latin and Greek mixture of “valley of the cellars.”

Gourmet Shopping Tour in Rome
Romans take their food shopping seriously. Gathering staples and ingredients for the coming days is more of a time-honored ritual of visiting small proprietors than a taxing series of errands. A new Rome food tour recreates the experience for visitors.

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