The Best Tiramisu in Rome

For many foreigners/Americans, Tiramisu is the quintessential Italian dessert. It is a luscious mix of lady fingers dipped in coffee, egg whites, sugar, marscapone cheese.  I’ll be honest that I’ve had some good Tiramisu in Italy but I’ve never been blown away. After my experience a few days ago I’m beginning to think maybe  I simply didn’t know where to get the best Tiramisu…

My friend Steve Perillo invited me to try several of the  private half-day and full day food tours Perillo’s now offers. On the Rome Tasteful Shopping Tour, our guide, a charming former corporate executive and lifelong Roman food enthusiast, recreated a typical Roman’s three-hour shopping trip.

We had 11 tastings/shopping experiences at local shops and historic restaurants. Our tour started with coffee and we ate/drank our way through traditional Roman pastries, cheeses, wine, salami, pasta dishes, truffles and more. But Gaetano saved the best for last…

We walked up Via della Croce – about 90 feet away from the Spanish Steps and had to fight our way through the masses. The store was swarming with people – at least 15 folks lined up were lined up to buy their boxes of Tiramisu. Pompi started in 1960 out as a coffee bar in another part of town, but all Romans in the know who go there to buy Tiramisu. The new Spanish Steps location brings Pompi to Romans and visitors alike.
The  one-serving (but really plenty for two to share) box is perfect to eat on-the-go, like you might eat a gelato. There are a number of choices, including classic, pistachio (pictured above) and strawberry. Each serving is 4 euros and worth every penny.  It doesn’t have that overwhelming liquor-y taste that many cheap versions have and might just be the best Tiramisu in Italy!

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