October 2013 – Naples, Calabria, Culinary Train Trips

cover-oct13 Italy’s Fun Food Trains
From the Italian Lakes to the Amalfi Coast, trains for foodies, or more eloquently put, gastronomic train tours, offer a unique mode of transport and fantastic scenery combined with either a full meal or a taste of seasonal regional specialties.

Naples Meets the 21st Century
I hadn’t been in Naples for years, and this had me worried. Was it changing? Was my beloved city of cheerful anarchy going soft? Find out how Naples has changed for the better and what to see (and where to eat) now.

Five Must-See Places in Calabria
From the Pollino Mountains to the Violet Coast, the region of Calabria is filled with stunning vistas complemented by thousands of years of history and culinary traditions. Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime.

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