August 2013 – Special Report: Italian Ancestry & Citizenship

cover-august2013 Tracing Your Italian Heritage
Whether you simply want to create a family tree, find living relatives in Italy, visit the ancestral hometown or pursue Italian citizenship, we talk to leading Italy heritage experts on how to make your Italian roots come alive.

Italian Citizenship Through Ancestry
Italy recognizes citizenship Jure Sanguinis (Latin for “right of blood”) which is based on your blood line, not physically where you were born (Jure Solis –“right of soil”). Holding dual citizenship with Italy has great benefits. We tell you how to determine if you are elgible and navigate the process.

6 Tips for Getting Started with Italian Genealogy
A leading Italian genealogist tells you where to start (it might not be where you think).

Resources for Italian Genealogy & Citizenship
If you’re looking for help, we give you our favorite resources (books, websites, companies) to assist with family trees, ancestry travel and citizenship applications.

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