Drink or Dine Over Venice This June

Venice is simply ravishing no matter the angle; but how often do you get to see it from a bird’s eye view? If you’re in La Serenissima between June 19 and 23, you could have Dinner in the Sky over Venice. The Hotel Cipriani will be serving dinner and drinks on a platform 164 feet above the luxury hotel’s swimming pool.

While slowly rotating 180 degrees, the 22 guests at a time will have the chance to drink and dine at a specially secured table and take in stupendous views. The hotel says “Experienced high-flying staff will attend to you ever need.”

There are two options for the “Dinner in the Sky” experience. You can reserve ahead for 30 minutes on the platform in the early evening when you can enjoy an aperitivo and appetizer for 50 euros per person. A full dinner prepared by Cipriani’s executive chef Renato Piccolotto or Roberto Gatto of the Cip’s Club, including wine, costs 250 euros per person. Definitely book now for this limited, special experience.