Stunning “Sky” Section of Siena Duomo Now Open to Public

For the first time ever and after centuries of renovations, the “sky” section of the beautiful Duomo of Siena will be open to the public on a limited basis through October 27, 2013. Visitors who reserve tickets will be lead by a guide through hidden walkways, indoor and outdoor balconies and spiral staircases.

Groups will ascend the two towers that flank the church via private spiral staircases, bringing them excitingly close to the starry sky frescoes on the vaults of the structure – also known as Porta del Cielo (Door of Heaven).  The tour will provide a bird’s eye view of the Duomo’s inlaid marble mosaic floor. Visitors can cross the walkway over the main altar viewing the stained glass rose window by Di Buoninsegna from a unique vantage point. All of this was only accessible by building architects until now.

Reservations are required to take the tour. Tickets are 25€ per person and can be reserved by calling (39) 0577 286300 or emailing

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Photo by Thomas Shahan,