Great New Italy Data Plan for Smartphones,iPads

Whether you’re bringing your own smartphone or tablet to Italy or renting one our friends at Cellular Abroad, the company tells us that they have a fantastic and cheap option for getting data. Cellular Abroad’s new and improved Uno Mobile SIM card costs just 9 euros for one GB of data (plus regular calling).

“If a traveler has an iPhone and they want to get the Italian SIM card, they can get the Uno Mobile SIM card we offer and still get our great rates (.09 euros to call in Italy, .35 to call the U.S. and free incoming calls) and they can get data for 9 euros for 1 GB. That means that they can browse Google Maps live, etc. Alternatively, if they have an iPad they can put the SIM in their iPad,” says Sebastian Harrison, president of Cellular Abroad.

Here is how the Cellular Abroad Uno Mobile SIM card measures up to other data roaming options with other carriers:
Uno Mobile is 9 euros for 1GB of data
Verizon is $250 for 1GB
AT&T is $120 for 800MB (if you ask for the plan)
TMobile is $15 per MB

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Cellular Abroad is also offering a $10 discount to Dream of Italy readers with the code: dreamitalia