Some of the Best Beaches in Italy

Recently CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg and his team asked me to share five of the most beautiful Italian beaches over on his travel site. I know the Internet and travelers love lists like this but to be honest, narrowing any down any selection of “best of” or “most beautiful” in Italy gives me some anxiety – so many great choices. I do think I managed to select some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in Italy including:

  • Pescoluse – called “The Maldives of the Salento” – in Puglia
  • San Vito in Capo – I really love this one! – in Sicily
  • Maddalena Archipelago – okay, truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth – in Sardinia
  • Spiaggia Nera – in one of the best resorts (little-known to foreigners) – Maratea – in Basilicata
  • Lido Beach – because how cool is it to have a beach in a world-class city? – in Venice

On a related note, did you know Italy has some great surfing beaches?

Where are you favorite Italian beaches? Leave a comment below.

Photo of Spiaggia Nera by Lucio D.B,