Cruise Italy This Summer With Silversea and Save

Whether you’ve seen Italy by land already or its your first trip, cruising the Italian coastline (there are 4,700 miles of it) is an amazing way to experience Italy from a unique vantage point. Cruising can be a great way to see so much in short amount of time for one price and without packing and unpacking…and oh and with lots of people waiting on you hand and foot.

I will admit to being a bit partial to Silversea Cruises since cruising with them a few years back. I have been to Italy 30 times and my Silversea experience was one of my top three trips EVER. The ships are small (540 or fewer people), the service is incomparable and so much is included (all alcohol and wine with a bar in your room and evening appetizers delivered to your room, etc) that isn’t included on other cruise lines. Plus Silversea is owned and operated by one Italian family – the Lefebvres. How many family-run cruise lines are there any more?

Last Minute Deal for June 4th Sailing From Athens to Rome

Sometimes the best things come to those who wait or procrastinate. Hurry up and back your bags because Silversea is offering the amazing rate of $3,999 (and a $1,000 shipboard credit) per person on its June 4th 9-day sailing from Athens to Rome with stops in Milos, Zakinthos, Itea and Corfu in Greece, Gallipoli in Turkey and Sorrento and Rome in Italy.

On this sailing, the Silver Wind stops for two full days in Sorrento giving cruisers the perfect opportunity to really explore the Amalfi Coast and Naples. When I cruised on Silversea, we also stopped for two days in Sorrento. One day we spent in Naples, primarily at the National Archeological Museum and the next day my parents, with whom I was traveling took Silversea’s tour of Pompeii (they were impressed that a crew member from the ship also accompanies each shore excursion just to make sure all guests are well looked after) while I took the ferry from Sorrento to the nearby islands of Ischia and Procida.

July 2nd Sailing From Athens to Venice

While I’ve been to Venice a handful of times – even once arriving on the Orient Express – NOTHING compares to saling into Venice in the early morning while cruising on Silversea. It is a stunning perspective of the city you simply can’t get any other way than arriving by boat.

Experience it for yourself on Silversea’s July 2nd sailing from Athens to Venice. The rates for this cruise start at an amazing $2,999 per person – that’s a steal for 7 days of luxury. Port calls include Monemvasia and Corfu in Greece, Kotor Montenegro, Split Croatia and Venice. You even get to spend one night on the ship while exploring Venice.

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