Spend Christmas in Italy with These Hotel Packages

Hotels throughout Italy realize what a special experience it is to spend Christmas in Italy where frankly, the holiday remains more authentic and family-oriented than in the United States. If you’re plotting an Italian Christmas vacation, here are some special places to spend the holiday:

  •  Two Amalfi Coast hotels are offering packages that include a chance to experience age-old Italian artistery. One offers an excursion to the nativity workshops of Naples and another teaches guests the art of inlaid wood in Sorrento.
  • Rome is one of Italy’s top Christmas destinations. If you’re in the mood for Christmas luxury, check out the holiday packages at these Rome hotels.
  • These Florence and Tuscany hotels have Christmas and New Year’s packages starting at 99euros per night – a bargain for the holiday season in Italy.
  • These Venice hotels include small holiday touches with their Christmas package – a holiday gift, welcome drinks, a Christmas meal, etc.

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Photo by Any.colour.you.like, flickr.com