What Does The Christmas Eve Feast of Seven Fishes Cost for an Italian Family?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is the typical Christmas Eve meal served on family tables throughout Italy. It is no secret that times are tough in Italy these days. Having just returned from Italy several weeks ago, I can tell you that the word I kept hearing again and again was “crisis.” So how will this affect how Italians celebrate Christmas?

According to this fascinating article Italians Pass on Prosecco, Italians are cutting on spending wherever they can. “People are eating less pasta than a year ago,” a supermarket manager told Bloomberg News. “They don’t buy pasta topping. They put off buying mayonnaise.” Will the cost of seven fishes be too much for the typical Italian be too much this year? Here’s how Bloomberg breaks down the meal for a family of eight:

  • seafood antipasti = 50 euros
  • bass, bream and salmon = 35 euros
  • clams with spaghetti = 24 euros
  • panettone for dessert = 4.99 euros

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