New Florence Card for Museums and Transportation

If you’re headed to Florence, you should know that the city now offers the Firenze Card — but due to its price it is really for the most ardent and ambitious museum-goer and tourist. The Firenze Card offers admission to more than 33 participating museums, villas, and gardens — as well as unlimited public transportation — over three days for 50€ per person.

Firenze CardBudget Travel Magazine recently did an analysis and calculated that you would need to visit three sites per day for three days or use the equivalent of 17€ in admissions and transportation to make the card pay.

The card does include admission to any special exhibitions and the website says you can avoid lines and booking fees (but doesn’t say exactly how to do that – there may be a special line at the most popular museums).

You can see if the card is for you by checking this breakdown of the entrance fees of participating sites. Entrance to the Uffizi starts at 6.50€ as does entrance to the Accademia — but that’s not figuring in booking fees and special exhibitions.

In the past, we’ve also written about the Friends of the Uffizi membership (Amici degli Uffizi) which is a bit more than the Firenze Card but is good for a year.