Puglia: One of My Favorite Italian Regions

It is true. I have favorites. I don’t usually broadcast them but although I cover all of Italy and truly love all of Italy, there are certain places that have captured my heart. One of these is the southern region of Puglia, on Italy’s Adriatic Coast.

I was reminded just what a treasure this region is while thumbing through my friend Martha Bakerjian’s Puglia Travel Guide — a new iPhone/iPad app. This app captures so many of the places that make Puglia special including the sandy beaches, the conical white stone buildings (trulli), the ceramics tradition, the hometown of Padre Pio, numerous ancient ruins and more.


The app explores some unusual sights like the octagonal castle built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, a chapel made up of bones and skulls and the region’s Romanesque churches with stunning floor mosaics.


And have we even begun to talk about the food in Puglia? Martha’s Puglia app will lead you to all the fresh, authentic goodness that is Puglian cuisine. She even tells you where to see the cows that produce the milk that goes into Puglia’s incredible cheeses.

Like our new Rome app, Martha’s Puglia app is just $2.99 to download and includes a lifetime of updates. Start planning your trip to Puglia! It is a magical and authentic slice of Italy.