Join Us For a Twitter #italychat on Italian Cuisine and Cooking

Dream of Italy (@dreamofitaly) will again be hosting #italychat on Twitter on Wednesday, May 5tth at 3 p.m. ET. The topic will be Italian cuisine and cooking and our special guest will be Judy Witts Francini (@divinacucina)! You’re invited to join us by asking questions and/or sharing your own Italian culinary expertise.

Our dear friend Judy Witts Francini fell in love when she moved to Tuscany in 1984, first with Florence and then with her husband, Andrea. Already trained as a pastry chef, Judy began to study Tuscan cooking right at the source learning from locals at the markets how to choose and combine the best and freshest ingredients. In 1988, she started Divina Cucina, a cooking school across the street from Florence’s famous food market, Mercato Centrale. Judy’s passion for her topic and wealth of knowledge about authentic Tuscan cooking earned Divina Cucina media attention around the world. Her classes are always filled. She recently opened a new culinary teaching space in the Tuscan countryside and she is the author of the cookbook Secrets From My Tuscan Kitchen.

If you would like to participate by reading the chat and hopefully asking and answering questions, here are some tips:

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #italychat within your Tweet so everyone can see your question, answer, contribution, etc.
  • Whether or not you have a free Twitter account, you can follow #italychat LIVE here OR here or you can come back to these links later to read the chat in full.
  • @dreamofitaly will tweet out all questions using “Q” and a number-
    Sample tweet from @dreamofitaly: “Q1: What is your favorite Italian dessert? #italychat”
  • Our special guest @divinacucina will tweet her answer using same number –
    Sample tweet from @divinacucina: “A1: I love biscotti with vin santo #italychat”
  • Anyone else on Twitter including YOU can answer the question too using A+number as this is all about sharing great experiences and Italy travel information.
    Sample tweet from YOU: “A1: Every time I go to Italy, I cannot resist semifreddo #italychat”
  • If you want to ask Judy or the crowd an Umbria question, start your tweet with @dreamofitaly followed by the question and I will put it in the queue and give it a number (example – “Q6”) and tweet it out when ready.
    Sample tweet from YOU: “@dreamofitaly What is the most unusual way to prepare pasta? #italychat”