Join #italychat to Talk About Archaeology in Italy

Dream of Italy (@dreamofitaly) will be hosting another #italychat on Twitter, this Wednesday, April 20th at 3 p.m. ET. The topic will be archaeological ruins in Italy (especially which ones to visit and new discoveries travelers should know about) and our special guest will be Darius Arya, a.k.a @saverome on Twitter.

Based in Rome, Darius Arya is an archaeologist, professor, documentary host and executive director of the American Institute for Roman Culture. He has appeared in documentaries for the Discovery, History and National Geographic channels, and has been cited in articles in The New York Times and The Guardian (among others). Most recently, he appeared as an expert on National Geographic’s When Rome Ruled. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Darius received his MA and PhD from the University of Texas, Austin. He is a Fulbright Scholar and American Academy of Rome Fellow.
We’re so happy to have him with us for this edition of #italychat on Twitter! If you would like to participate by reading the chat and hopefully asking and answering questions, here are some tips:


  • Be sure to use the hashtag #italychat within your Tweet so everyone can see your question, answer, contribution, etc.


  • Whether or not you have a free Twitter account, you can follow #italychat LIVE here OR here or you can come back to these links later to read the chat in full.


  • @dreamofitaly will tweet out all questions using “Q” and a number- Sample tweet for @saverome: “Q1: What is one of your favorite little-known ruins in Rome? #italychat”


  • Our special guest @saverome will tweet her answer using same number – Sample tweet from @saverome: “A1: My favorite Roman ruin is xyz #italychat”


  • Anyone else on Twitter including YOU can answer the question too using A+number as this is all about sharing great experiences and Italy travel information. Sample tweet from YOU: “A1: Actually, I went to abc and that’s my favorite archeological site in Rome #italychat”


  • If you want to ask Darius or the crowd an Italy question, start your tweet with @dreamofitaly followed by the question and I will put it in the queue and give it a number (example – “Q6”) and tweet it out when ready. Sample tweet from YOU: “@dreamofitaly What is the best way to see Pompeii? #italychat”