Join Us for #italychat on Italian Wine

Two weeks ago, Dream of Italy (@dreamofitaly) hosted the first #italychat on Twitter. We had a grand time talking about Rome travel. The second #italychat will be held Wednesday, February 2nd at 3 p.m. ET. We’re talking about Italian wine and visiting vineyards with special guest @vinoroma! You’re invited to join us by asking questions and/or sharing your own Italian wine expertise.

Now, @vinoroma is really Hande Leimer, a sommelier based in Rome who offers wine tasting courses for tourists and Italian natives alike through her company Vino Roma. You can see a sample of her wine tasting advice in this Why Prosecco is Not Italian Champagne video and this How to Taste Italian wine video.

If you would like to participate by reading the chat and hopefully asking and answering questions (we know many of you are experienced Italy travelers!), here are some tips:

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #italychat within your Tweet so everyone can see your question, answer, contribution, etc.
  • Whether or not you have a free Twitter account, you can follow #italychat LIVE here OR here or you can come back to these links later to read the chat in full.
  • @dreamofitaly will tweet out all questions using “Q” and a number-
    Sample tweet from @dreamofitaly: “Q1: What if your favorite white wine? #italychat”
  • Our special guest @vinoroma will tweet her answer using same number –
    Sample tweet from @vinoroma: “A1: I love Pinot Grigio #italychat”
  • Anyone else on Twitter including YOU can answer the question too using A+number as this is all about sharing great experiences and Italy travel information.
    Sample tweet from YOU: “A1: Via Condotti is my favorite for the designer shops #italychat”
  • If you want to ask Hande or the crowd a wine question, start your tweet with @dreamofitaly followed by the question and I will put it in the queue and give it a number (example – “Q6”) and tweet it out when ready.
    Sample tweet from YOU: “@dreamofitaly What are your favorite vineyards in Puglia?”

We plan to host #italychat every other Wednesday at 3pm ET. The next #italychat will be Wed, February 16th with special guest @brigolante. The topic will be travel to Umbria!