New Year’s Eve in Venice: Concerts and Galas

Our friend Nan McElroy of Living Venice fills us in on musical options for New Year’s Eve in Venice –

If you are visiting Venice for New Year’s and want to make it a musical holiday, consider attending the Concerto di Capodanno, the New Year’s concert offered by the Teatro La Fenice on December 30th at 8 p.m., the 31st at 4 p.m., and on New Year’s Day at 11:15 a.m. Conducted by Daniel Harding, the first portion of the concert is orchestral, while the second part features a chorus and soloists performing Verdi’s beloved “Libiam” from La Traviata and “Va Pensiero” from Nabucco among other selections, perfect for ringing in the New Year. For information on the Fenice concerts, visit HelloVenezia or call (39) 041 2424 or visit www.hellovenezia.comThere are other musical offerings for both Christmas and New Year’s. From violins to Vivaldi to opera highlights, these concerts are all held in opulent Venetian palaces: there is even one that includes a buffet dinner held at the Scuola Giovanni Evangelista, another is a formal dinner and gala at the Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto. To book these concerts, stop by the tourist pavilion jus outside the Royal Gardens near the Vallaresso vaparetto stop, or use an online booking service such as Of course, thousands will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Piazza San Marco — if you decide to join them, be sure to check the aqua alta forecast, bundle up, and remember: no glass bottles permitted in the piazza. — Nan McElroy


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