Meet Two of My Favorite Italy Travel Experts

Dream of writing about travel to Italy? Dream of buying a home in Italy and living there part-time? My friends Martha Bakerjian and James Martin (they’re married) have fulfilled all three of these dreams and it was a pleasure for me to finally meet them in Tuscany several months ago. I’ve been following the work of these Italy travel experts for years…


Martha has written the Italy travel site on since 2005 and has traveled extensively in Italy for more than 25 years. James has run the Western Europe travel site since 2002. He also blogs at Wandering Italy. The couple owns a home in Piano di Collecchia, between the towns of Aulla and Fivizzano in the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany. They split their time between Italy and California.


If you’re dreaming of building a life in Italy or at least creating the best Italy vacation, read my interview with Martha and James about living, working and traveling in Italy.