June 2010 – “Marcus of Umbria”, Lazio’s Castelli Romani


A Woman, A Dog and Umbria 
The new book Marcus of Umbria: What an Italian Dog Taught an American Girl About Love traces Justine van der Leun’s funny and illuminating time spent in Collelungo, a 200-person farming village in central Umbria. Justine, a Brooklyn resident, met Emanuele, a local gardener, on vacation and impulsively moved in with him. When she leaves a year later, the author has gained a newfound knowledge of language and family, a deep-rooted passion for animals and nature and a small, spotted dog that she’d adopted named Marcus.

In and Around Collelungo Umbria
The author of the new book Marcus of Umbria, Justine van der Leun introduces us to her former home village of Collelungo in Umbria and what there is to see and do around the more well-known town of Todi.

Food Tour of the Castelli Romani
The towns of Castelli Romani are traditional places for Romans to take a Sunday drive to enjoy peaceful panoramas, the local wine and a perhaps most of all, eat some great food..

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