A New Kind of Art Vacation in Rivello, Italy

Calling all artists in need of a cheap, productive, and possiblylucrative vacation in beautiful San Costantino di Rivello, Italy. Located in the region of Basilicata, just 15 minutes from the beach the tiny and unique town of Rivello is trying something new, according to Springwise.com. Until the 10th of June the UHM (Unconventionall HolidayMarket) will be accepting applications from artists residing in all orners of the earth to spend just 90 euros and at least one week in July or August in the southern town of Rivello. Along with 149 other artists,designers, and artisans, they will produce art and then selling it at the Unconventionall Market.

The motivation behind this project is to enhance the town’s tourism-based economy and give travelers a diverseand unique selection of souvenirs to choose from and better remember Rivello by. For a full list of the requirements and how to apply, visit Unconventionall.com. The web site does first load in Italian but in the bottom left-hand corner of the page’stoolbar there is a translation button. Or try calling (39) 348 040 9014 — Shakira Mongul