Italy: You Can Get a Parking Ticket Unloading in Front of Your Hotel

A few months back, in this article in the Washington Post by travel expert Chris Elliott, I talked about the issue of traffic tickets in “limited traffic zones” in Italian cities. When I shared the article and advice with my readers, one (M. Briglia) had these interesting comments about being cautious about where you park when pulling up to a city hotel:


Additional pointers on the Italian traffic ticket issue. The mere act of pulling up in front of your hotel to check-in prior returning the rental car will / can get you a traffic ticket. I stayed at the Marriott Grand Flora Hotel in Rome and had this happen to me. The hotel is located on a “limited traffic zone” street and there is no way to get to the hotel (in your rental car) without traveling on the road illegally.

I ultimately did get my situation resolved satisfactorily, and the resolution process actually worked more smoothly than I expected. The nice woman who handled my ticket resolution said that the proper procedure is for travelers to inquire of your hotel (before you leave for your trip) whether they are located in a limited traffic zone. If they are, they are supposed to submit your name and travel info into the municipal traffic system which issues the tickets, and your name should be cleared when any traffic infraction comes through. Travelers should make sure that this has been done upon check-in.