Where to Shop in Rome Italy

In our February issue, Rosanne Cofoid writes about 50 great places to shop in Rome. She has compiled such a comprehensive shopping guide that we had to divide it into two parts – one covering antiques, fashion, home decor and food – and the other detailing places to buy gifts, leather goods, jewelry and paper goods. Here are a few of her recommendations:

For gifts – Antica Erboristeria Romana
Savor the warm glow of aged wood, fragrantly saturated over time with the aroma of herbs tht have been part of this place for 300 years. They have over 40 types of teas from the world over, essential oils and aromatherapy items. Worth stopping in just for the ambiance. Via di Torre Argentina, 15; (39) 06 6879493

For your home – Giroen Biancheria
This store near the Pantheon sells beautiful linens, many at very good prices. I recently purchased linen towels suitable for framing. Via della Minerva, 2; (39) 06 6789027

For fashion – Laura Urbanati
Urbanati is a lounge- and beachwear designer known for her delicate cotton prints and bikinis. The 2010 collection features many shades of yellow and pink. The shop is near Campo dei Fiori. Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 50; (39) 06 68136478


For Jewelry – Studio Gioielleria R. Quattrocolo
For spectacular 18th- and 19th-century jewelry, visit this studio, owned and operated since 1938 by the Quattrocolo family. The shop offers gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins made from the finest precious stones, as well as Etruscan-style jewelry, cameos, and micro-mosaics. The micro-mosaics are the most representative of the exquisite workmanship present in every item in the shop. Via della Scrof, 54; (39) 06 68801367