What to Eat for An Italian Christmas Eve Dinner

Hard to believe Christmas Eve is just around the corner. Thinking about celebrating it in Italian style? Then get ready to visit your favorite fishmonger, you will be making at least seven seafood courses!

That’s because Italians celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes on la vigilia di Natale (Christmas Eve). As Toni Lydecker writes, “The idea of serving seven fish dishes or varieties of seafood is often linked to the number of sacraments or the days God required to create the world. But the numbers three (Trinity), twelve (apostles) and thirteen (apostles plus Christ) are considered equally propitious. And the truth is that many Italian families don’t bother to count-the important thing is gathering in the dead of winter for a celebratory feast.”

Toni shares with us how Sicilians celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes and recommends several recipes – for Baccalà and Potato (con patate) Stew and Octopus (Polipo) al Nero d’Avola from her recent cookbook Seafood alla Siciliana.

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