Italian Art News

Lots of art news coming out of la bel paese these days. Here’s a quick summer of art news you should know about:

    • You may have already heard that art experts think they have discovered a previously unknown ink and pencil drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. And they figured it out in a most modern way – through fingerprints. They matched a fingerprint on the portrait of a young woman (originally thought to be that of a 19th century German artist) to the print of an index or middle found on Leonardo’s “St. Jerome” in the Vatican. The artwork is valued at $150 million.


    • Nicole Martinelli of has written for Dream of Italy about how to see an art restoration in Florence. Now, over on her site, she tells art lovers how they can see the restoration of Caravaggio’s 1609 masterpiece “Adoration of the Sheperds.” Groups of 10/15 people will be allowed to watch restorers at work in Rome’s lower chamber of parliament. Hurry, the restoration is expected to be completed in January.


  • If you can’t make it to Italy, you can take in some of Leonardo da Vinci’s rare sculptures at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art through February. Some of the master’s sketches are also on display. The centerpiece of the collection a nearly 30-foot recreation of da Vinci’s destroyed horse statue, which towers over the plaza outside the High.