Slick Sicily Hotel: Atelier Sul Mare

When Ann Cochran was visiting Sicily to write September’s print newsletter stories on Cefalù and Siracusa, she heard about a funky, art hotel on the coast between Cefalù and Palermo. We didn’t have room for it in the print newsletter this month but it is worth mentioning for those looking for an interesting hotel stay:

If you have a car, consider Atelier Sul Mare, an avant-garde art hotel about a half-hour from Cefalù in the direction of Palermo. Owner Antonio Presti transformed a boxy 1960’s hotel into this quasi-modern art museum. Fifteen rooms, decorated by different artists, represent modern architecture, pop art, sexuality, and socialism.

The room pictured above is the Lunaria, inspired by Sicilian author Vincenzo Consolo who writes about the fall of the moon (notice the moon-shaped bed) as a metaphor for the decline of power but also of culture and poetry.

Art is on display in 20 “standard” rooms but they are not themed. On hotel review sites, you’ll find former guests either love or hate it. Spend some time on the hotel’s Web site, which has detailed photos and videos, before you book.

Atelier Sul Mare
Via Cesare Battisti, 4
Castel di Tusa
(39) 0921 334295
Rates: Art rooms start at 80 euros per person, per night, with breakfast. Standard rooms start at 60 euros.