Advertise Your Italy Business with Dream of Italy

I know many of those who follow Dream of Italy and the Dream of Italy Blog are themselves involved in the business of travel to Italy. So this blog post is for them – to share latest opportunities we have to connect Italian travel enthusiasts with the businesses (especially small ones) who want to serve them. Here are the online sponsorship and advertising opportunities we’re currently offering (at special rates!):


    • Sponsored Sections – We have divided all of our content (well over 700 articles) into sections or hubs, with all of our Umbria content, for example,linked off one Umbria section page. We have over 30 section pages and each one is available for an exclusive sponsorship with a text ad at the top of the main section page. (See Rome example)
    • Ads in Dream of Italy E-mail Updates – Twice a month, we send out an e-mail update to thousands and thousands of passionate Italophiles. We have room for two ads in each of these e-mail updates. (See a recent example) The ad package includes
      one 60-word linked ad with photo in one Dream of Italy e-mail update and that same ad appearing as a blog post (labeled as an ad) on the Dream of Italy Blog.


  • Sponsored E-mails Devoted Exclusively to Your Company – The sponsored e-mail is sent to our list but features your company alone, no editorial copy from Dream of Italy, no other ads. This is a great opportunity to capture our audience with your unique offerings. In order to provide maximum exposure for our advertisers and maintain our readership, only one sponsored e-mail per month is available. (See a recent example)

The best thing about all of our advertising opportunities? They are much less expensive than you imagine and well-priced for small businesses. We have limited advertising opportunities and they are filling up so contact us today for more information.

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one satisfied Dream of Italy advertiser has to report:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Kathy McCabe and Dream of Italy for many years, so advertising with Dream of Italy was natural for me. Each time we place an ad in one of the twice monthly e-mail updates, we see an immediate increase in our Web traffic and sales as a direct result. If you own or operate an Italy or travel-based business, I cannot think of a better way to reach your target audience than advertising with Dream of Italy.”
— Laura Faust, Ciao Laura