July/August 2009 – Special Report: Emilia-Romagna


Ravenna’s Ravishing Mosaics
After 15 centuries, Ravenna’s luminous mosaics still shine with the golden brilliance of the empires that endowed them. These shimmering sacred images reveal both familiar and unexpected chapters in Italian history. We recommend a private guide to show you the magic of Ravenna’s mosaics.

Bologna: City of Art
With its appetite for art, Bologna’s contributions to the good life are more than gustatory. Though known as the “Red City” for its architecture and politics, our writer found a brilliant palette of museums, galleries, churches and markets with mouth watering visuals for every taste.

  • Artful Places to Stay in Bologna
  • Find Art Beyond Bologna in the Hilltop Village of Dozza

Bicycling Around Renaissance Ferrara
A World Heritage Site in Emilia-Romagna, this medieval and Renaissance city has excellent food, art and architecture. And music year-round. Plus you can see it all by bicycle.

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