Introducing DaVinci Custom Travel & Tours


My name is Peter D’Attoma and I’d like to custom design your next trip to Italy. I show my clients the undiscovered Italy that only Italians know, not the Italy the casual tourist sees. For over 25 years, I owned a traditional travel agency, but my first love has always been helping travelers experience the best of my native country – Italy. When I sold my agency, I devoted myself solely to this mission through DaVinci Custom Travel & Tours.

I believe there is no other Italy travel planning service that offers the same level of personalization and service. Think of me as a tailor of fine suits who makes sure every stitch and seam is sewn precisely for you. While some travelers may be satisfied with “buying off the rack”, I understand that you require more and deserve better.

Just like a tailor, I will can custom design a unique masterpiece for you and only you. No two of my trips are ever alike. I’ll get to know you, your likes and dislikes and what precisely you hope to experience during your time in Italy.

Together we’ll complete a six-page long travel survey so I have every detail I need to create your journey of a lifetime. I can work with any budget and fulfill any request. When you need anything, you’ll work with me directly. I’m intentionally a one-man operation so that each one of my clients gets my full attention from beginning to end.

Whether you wish to be enveloped in the comfort of 5-star amenities of a luxurious Italian hotel and resort, the relaxing atmosphere of a family-run bed and breakfast, the romantic allure of a 19th-century castle, or prefer the quaint and unique experience of a small rustic relais (old monastery), I have just the right place to call home while in Italy.

I’ll help you bypass the ticket lines at Italy’s world-famous museums. Spend your extra time admiring the intricacy and artistry of David’s feet, losing yourself to an Italian opera or wandering the vast corridors of the Sistine Chapel, not standing among long lines of impatient tourists waiting to enter.

For me Italy is not just about the incredible sites, but it is about the people who will share their country with you. I have personally selected extraordinary tour guides, hotel operators, villa experts, art historians, private drivers, private vintners and magnificent restaurant owners who are dedicated to catering to you with attention to every conceivable detail. I have long relationships with all of these people and they know I am sending you to Italy as my close friend, not simply as a business client. I treat every travel program I develop as if it is my own.

All I ask you to do is show up at the airport for your departure to Italy and everything will be taken care of until you return. You will have all that you need in my trademark vacation itinerary which provides information on each city you visit, an outline of that day’s scheduled activities, recommended dining, shopping, reservation confirmation at major museums, art and special events to fill in open time during the day and a “special notes” section, anticipating those small details to enhance your Italy vacation experience.

If you like, I will even make each and every one of your dining reservations. And these won’t be at places you’ll find in guidebooks, these will be special dining experiences at authentic restaurants known only to the locals.

And while you’re on the ground in Italy, I will be monitoring your trip as it progresses, contacting the hotels where you are staying and the handpicked guides who are escorting you, ensuring that everything is going off without a hitch. Nothing is left to chance, I promise.

After a recent client meeting (if you live near me in Ohio, I always prefer to meet in person otherwise we will work together by phone), the gentleman told me I had such passion for my work that “you make it sound like we should leave tomorrow.” Well if that is your desire, I can even make that happen.

If this sounds like the kind of personalized service you would like for your next trip to Italy, please contact me by e-mail ( or phone (330-633-2292) so that the Italy you’ve only dreamed of can now be yours.

A presto,
Peter D’Attoma

(This is an ad.)